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The Cold Springs School/Community 2001 Reunion was a huge success. Some of the attendees had not seen each other in sixty years.

A delicious meal was served by the Roosevelt Senior Citizens Center Staff to about 60 people. Charles May and Eugene Hayslip were master of ceremonies for the event. The group voted to hold another reunion in 2002.

A special thank you to J. R. Howard, Joanne Howard, Betty Barnes, and Betty R. Moore for their hospitality.

Those attending were:

Charles Rickerd, Dimmitt, TX

Tommy McCallick and Edith (Bottrell) McCallick, Ponca City, OK

Donnie May, Purcell, OK

Charles May and Willie May, Roosevelt, OK

A. D. Shoemaker and Buena Shoemaker, Hammon, OK (Former teacher)

Wanda (Moore) Adkins and Ben Adkins, Oklahoma City, OK

Pat Moore and Dee (Muse) Moore, Roosevelt, OK

Wynema (Ryder) New, Lawton, OK

Johnny Ryder, Lawton, OK

A. J. Ryder, Cache, OK

Wilma (Phillips) Blevins, Blair, OK

Beulah (Phillips) Davis, Lone Wolf, OK

Ola Mae (Newman) Rhoads and Wetzel Rhoads, Weatherford, OK

Mildred (Hagemeier) Curtis, Altus, OK (Former teacher)

Gayle May, Snyder, OK

Pauline (Phillips) Adams, Snyder, OK

Beulah (Baker) Wilshire, Moore, OK

Daisy (Baker) Wood, Bethany, OK

Herbert Baker, Oklahoma City, OK

Bess (Baker) Potter, Wichita, KS

B. "Dobber" Cook, Roosevelt, OK

Eugene Hayslip and Pat Hayslip, Roosevelt, OK

Almeta (Hayslip) Bonness, Valleyview, TX

Pauline (Montsiff) Kyer, Krum, TX

Barbara (Baker) Hilliard and Harold Hilliard, Lawton, OK

Jimmy Greear and Eunia Greear, Hobart, OK

Bill Forbes, Claude, TX

Phyllis (Cook) Stockton and Randall Stockton, Ft. Cobb, OK

Shirley (Overbey) Ferguson and R. A. Ferguson, Snyder, OK

Dovie Overbey, Snyder, OK

Thelma (Murphy) Bradford and Keith Bradford, Katy, TX

Leona Murphy, Chocktaw, OK

Ann (Murphy) Stevenson and Larry Stevenson, Oklahoma City, OK

Wanda Jackson, Roosevelt, OK

Billie (Nance) Stockton, Hobart, OK

Joann (Nance) Allard, Wichita Falls, TX

Eskil Hayslip, Mt. Park, OK

Maxine Hayslip, Mt. Park, OK

Ruby Bullard, Elk City, OK (Former teacher)

Mickey May and Karen May, Roosevelt, OK

Candace May, Roosevelt, OK

Billy Barnes, Duke, OK

Raymond Soukup, Mt. Park, OK

Larry Phillips, Roosevelt, OK

Merle Decker, Wilson, OK

Cheryl Cronin, Colorado Springs, CO

Lena (Kenimer) Rutledge Harris, Roosevelt, OK



will be held Saturday, July 21, 2001, at the Roosevelt Cafeteria. BOBBY SHEETS, Class of 1949 is the President of the Alumni Association. His address is 717 N. Broadway Hobart, OK 73651. email inquiries may be sent to or for change of address information for mailing purposes.

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