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Roosevelt Alumni Home Page

Welcome to the Roosevelt High School Alumni Website! We are located in Roosevelt, Oklahoma. ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI REUNION will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2003 at the Roosevelt High School Cafeteria (now the Roosevelt Sr. Cit./Community Building). 


Bobby Sheets,  Class  of 1949, Is  the   RHS   Alumni President.  For more  information,  you may write him at 717 N Broadway, Hobart,  OK 73651 or call 1-580-726-3845.


Or contact Carol Hawkins Cooper (Class of 1985) at


Or contact Vonda Miller Binghom  (Class of 1980) at


NOTE:  If you have had an address change since the 2001 RHS Reunion, you need to send a change of address to you will receive your flyer for the 2003 October 4 reunion.  Time is getting short for those flyers to go out, so dont put it off too long.




It is 5" X 8" paperback (Perma-Bound) with bright white glossy card stock with red lettering and the Roughrider in red ink and consists of approximately 100 glossy pages of pictures of buildings, class panels, elementary school classes, etc., History of Roosevelt Schools, and a listing by graduating class of Roosevelt High School graduates (with addresses for as many as were available at print time).


The cost of the Directory is $10.00 at the RHS Reunion, and $12.50 if mailed to you. You can get yours at the Registration Table if you didnt get one at the 2001 RHS Reunion. If you want one shipped to you or anyone of choice, send $12.50 and name and mailing address to:


Wanda Jackson

P O Box 65

Roosevelt, OK 73564


See you at the reunion!




The CLASS OF 1973 is planning an evening mixer and dinner to celebrate their 30th reunion on Friday evening, October 3, 2003.  We would like to invite the classes of 1972 and 1974 to stop by and say hello during this event.  A meeting place will be decided at a future date.
The class is also planning to attend the functions at Roosevelt on October 4. If you would like more information on Friday night's events, please 

email me at or phone (620) 622-4485. TJ Hazen (formerly Teresa Jennings-Jackson), Protection, KS.


The class of 1963 is planning a reunion for the
evening of October 3, 2003 at the Women's
Exhibit Building of the Kiowa County fairgrounds in Hobart,Ok.

We are planning to meet at 6:30 p.m.     Snacks will be served.   If you want anything to drink other than iced tea or hot coffee, bring your own. Those attending should get in touch with Stanna (Brewer) Lee at  
or mail at P.O. Box 601, Burns Flat, Ok.

Reservations need to be made by Sept. 20.     The class of 1962 is also invited.   Spouses and other guests may attend,     The cost is $10.00 for each person attending.   This is to pay for building rental and snacks. This may be paid October 3.

Thanks,Stanna (Brewer)Lee

Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt Schools

The first Roosevelt school.

The first school building in Roosevelt was started in 1903. It was a two-story frame structure in the same block and a little to the south of the present grade school building. School was held beginning in September of the same year.

According to incomplete records, the first term was only a three-month term, taught by A. J. Stoop in the Presbyterian Church until they moved into the building. Nothing has been found on the year 1903-04, but it thought that there were probably two or three teachers.

The following year (1904-05), there were four teachers with Tom Flanery as principal. Some think that the school was taught by three women in succession: the last being Mrs. Stoops.

Sometime after 1907, in order to make room for a new brick building, the first building was moved west into the business district after being purchased by Mr. A. D. Root as a home for his family. The building still stands across from the bank building on Main Street. Fields Montgomery was superintendent at this time.

Brick Grade School Built in 1909.

Roosevelt School Building
Built in 1909

In 1909 a two-story brick building with basement was erected. The first brick building had five or six classrooms and was first used in 1909-10, during the year when Dr. E. E. Dale was superintendent. There were five teachers at this time, and the number grew slowly but steadily until it reached 12 teachers in 1929-30. After that it ranged from 12 to 17 teachers.

In 1953 the former two-story brick school was torn down, and the more modern elementary school took its place. It was completed in January 1954. After that, the junior and senior high schools have been on both sides of the highway in the north part of town.

The Roosevelt Senior High School Building was completed in 1930. Unfortunately, it burned sometime in the fall of 1946. It was almost completely rebuilt when a storm tore it down again; it was finally completed in September 1947. The high school students attended the two-story brick building, and the elementary students went to school in some of the churches classrooms and in the Hagemeier Building. Senior Graduation Exercises were held in the Baptist Church in May 1947.

Arts/Crafts Building

The Arts-Crafts Building housing the Roughrider Gym was completed in 1936. Douglas Separate School was completed in 1937-1938 and was maintained by Roosevelt Schools for a good many years for Negro pupils in first through eighth grades. Eva Moore was one of the teachers at Douglas School. The stone building still stands in the west part of Roosevelt.

The Roughrider Fieldhouse and Roughrider Stadium were as completed in August 1952. The Agriculture Industrial Arts Building was completed in April 1954.

The Cafeteria and the math and science classrooms were added onto the High School Building on the north in 1967 to provide additional space and better facilities for the students.

In 1978 the new metal Roughrider Gym was constructed just west of the High School Building. District, Regional, and Area Basketball Tournaments were held there because of the size of the building.

Rather early, Roosevelt became a twelve year accredited high school. By 1935 it offered 19 units and reached 25 in 1940. At this time there were four years of vocational agriculture and home economics offered. Business courses and the usual academic courses were provided.

The song, On You Riders, was selected as the school song. Red and white were the school colors as far back as 1928-29. The Roughrider was chosen as Roosevelt's Emblem in 1929. Art, music, band, 4-H, F. F. A., F. H. A., science club, academic teams, football, baseball, and basketball were some of the extra curricular activities offered the students. These young people won many awards in the name of their school, but above all, they maintained a healthy attitude toward work and the rewards of fulfillment.

Originally District No. 7, Roosevelt became Con. 7 in 1929. Districts 58 (Withrow or Rusler) and 61 (Singing Valley or Hiawatha), north and northeast of Roosevelt, were part of the original consolidation. Since then Con. 5 (Cold Springs) was annexed as were parts of 42 (Christian or Babbs Memorial), 43 (Prairie Dell), 57 (Rainey Mountain), 59 (Union) in 1942, 60 (Pleasant Valley, also known as Frog Pond), 67 (Fairview), 68 (Gladson), 85 (Star Valley), 109 (Koonkazachey), and Con. 8 in 1957. Con. 10 (Cooperton) was added when the high school closed in 1965, and the grade school in 1971.


Superintendents have been George Hetzel (1907-09); E. E. Dale (1909-10); Clyde M. Howell (1910-12); followed by his brother, Charles P. Howell (1912-14); A. J. Stoops (1914 to 1915 or 1916); J. B. Conrad (1916-17); T. N. Delbridge (1917 to 1918 or 1919); L. Edwards (1919-20); H. S. Witt (1920 to 1922 or 1923); George A. Comstock (1923-25); I. C. Gunning (1925-30); G. S. Saunders (1930-34); Bill Kobus (1934-45); T. E. Lauderdale (1945-46); Elvoy Owens (1946-47); Henry Dacus (1947-56); J. Carl Fleming (1957-58); Ray Beavers (1958-59); Gene McPhail (1959-62); Jerry Doyle (1963-65); Edward L. Huey (1965-68); Tony Risinger (1968-69); Melvin Krewall (1969-72); Allen Zisman (1972-75); Philip D. Williams (1975-85); Mike Southall (1985-89); Gary Swart (1989-90); Ron Craig (1990-91); Charles Lewis (1991-92); and Odalee (Bullock) Craighead (1992-93).

High School principals have included: Tom Avants (1956-58); Mrs. George A. Comstock, Mrs. Rosa Cooksey, A. T. Edmondson, Fred Fleming, Lillie Mae Ford, Bruce Greenshields, Mrs. J. R. Harp, Fern Hooker, Lloyd Johnson, H. C. Jones, T. E. Lauderdale (10 years), Lillie Roberts, Terry Thompson, M. L. Sims, Floyd Roach, James Daniels, Kelley D. Hayes, James Gilmartin, and Odalee (Bullock) Craighead (1992-93)

The content for this page comes from a variety of sources: some I've written myself, some has been copied from the Pioneering in Kiowa County, and some has been contributed by other Roosevelt Alumni just like you.

I hope you enjoy your Roosevelt Alumni Site. Be sure to sign my guestbook at the bottom of the screen or send e-mail to to let me know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas). I'll be updating frequently, so check back often!

This page was updated September 13, 2003. Keep that Roughrider Spirit alive!!!!! Wanda Jackson, Site Manager

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