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Roosevelt Alumni Home Page
1978 Annual

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Roosevelt High School 1978

Dedication Page - Over the years Mr. and Mrs. Sims have dedicated many hours of hard work, support, and devotion.  For their generous contributions to our community, we dedicate our 1977-78 yearbook to them.

Administration and Faculty - J. R. Howard, Vo-Agr and Phil Williams, Supt

Administration - Left, Phil Williams, Supt; Lower Left:  Schoolboard discuss the planning of new gym; Below:  High School Principal M. L. Sims; Elementary Principal, Glen Harmon

Personnel:  Top:  Bus Drivers L to R:  Brenda Hester, Irene Franks, and Dutch Cooper; Right:  Joy Clark, School Secretary; Lower Top Row:  Judy Ayers, Aide; Trisha Nightingale, Aide; Betty Moore, Cook; Bottom Row:  Dorothy Neuwirth, Cook; Rumaldo Juarez, Janitor; Leslie McCormack, Janitor.

Faculty:  Right:  Mrs. Sims takes charge in the Home Ec Department.  Below:  Mr. Roach makes Algebra easy!  Bottom Left:  Mrs. Garvin and one of her psychology students.  Bottom Right:  Miss Hulbert demonstrates her talent.

Faculty:  Left:  Mr. Grubbs and Mr. Nightingale both had successful ball teams this year.  Below:  Mr. Howard instructs his agricultural classes.  Bottom Left.  Mrs. Thrash explains chemistry.  Bottom Right:  Mrs. Little knows her business!

1.  Surveying the Gym Site.  2. & 3.  Pouring the cement 4.  Putting up the heavy steel, the gym is starting to take shape 5. Putting the sheet metal on the sides. 6. Bricking the lower outside wall, 7. The bleachers beginning to take shape. 8. Spraying insulation on the ceiling. 9. Putting up the new four-sided scoreboard 10. Penny Martin & Tamra Cotterell clowning around. 11. A storage room under construction. 12.  Putting down the new Pro-turf synthetic floor.  Photos & layout by Curtis Liles


TOP ROW:  Jerry Jennings, President; Kent Miller, Vice President 2ND ROW:  Debbie Peterson, Secretary; Jeri Starcher, Treasurer BOTTOM ROW:  Karen Miller, Reporter; Kent Stafford, Student Council

TOP ROW:  Curtis O'Neal, Ricky McCollom; 2ND ROW:  Penny Martin, Cecilia Reyes; BOTTOM ROW:  David Stroud, Greg Cooper

TOP ROW:  Gary Franks, Rocky Dunegan 2ND ROW:  Barbara Neuwirth; Sheila Oakman  BOTTOM ROW:  Darren Cotterell, Roy Ward

TOP ROW:  Max Buchanan, Graduate; Elaine Garvin, Sponsor BOTTOM ROW:  Mr. and Mrs. John Starcher and Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Peterson, Class Parents

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