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Roosevelt: From A to Z Online

By Bernice Files

August 24, 2000

Kiowa County CASA, Inc., will meet for training 6:30 p.m. August 29 in the cafeteria of Elkview General Hospital in Hobart. All volunteers and advisory board members are urged to attend.

Emma Harris enjoyed a visit from her daughter Susan Sala of Washington and Susan's mother-in-law from Oklahoma City.

Bob and Anita Sheets also had visitors during the weekend of the 60s reunion. They were Ray and Charlotte Cragar, Lubbock, Texas; Katherine Cragar, Wichita Falls; and Kaye (Cragar) Wilson, Plano, Texas.

While I was visiting these relatives, Kaye's friend Marilyn (Grauman) and husband Professor Tom Peeper, stopped in and we enjoyed a short, interesting visit with them. Their son will be attending O. U., but dad is an agronomy professor at O.S.U. in Stillwater.

Melissa Hovis is attending the University of Tulsa this year.

The Stoops-Morgan-Files family reunion will be Sunday, September 3 in the Hobart Housing Authority Community Room at 329 S. Lincoln in Hobart. This reunion has and will continue for many years so notices are not being sent. Most of you take the paper, so spread the word and come.

Carolyn Peters spent a couple of weeks visiting Jody Peters, Jim, Linda and Paul Files, Brandy and Michael Saville, and mom, Bernice Files. Also getting together for a luncheon at Lawton were the above plus E. C. "Gene" and Marilee Morgan, Mike and Barbara Morgan and Danna Lee Guy, all of Lawton; Mrs. Leon (Mareta Saunders) Morgan, Newcastle; and Edwin and Kaye Morgan, Roosevelt.

Due to not feeling well and the extreme heat, the 100th birthday celebrations for Loyd E. Harris have been cancelled. Let's bombard him with cards and letters.

I have been house-sitting Jody's house cats (in his room). Angel is pretty as a picture and marked exactly like white with black markings on a calendar Barbara Sue Guthrie gave me. Zachary is mostly black and a very loving cat.

I think Jody will be joining us soon. I can use a man about the house. Lifting and heavy cleaning are becoming too much for me. I hate to admit it, but I'm feeling my years (almost 80) and the heat really gets to me.

Mrs. Ernie (Myrna) Stoops, of Perry, called saying that she had been brush-hogging some pasture (mowing) when a deer jumped up with three small fawns. She decided to lave the area until they become larger.

Perry has been fortunate in having received more rain than we in southwest Oklahoma. Much of Texas is still suffering from the heat and drought with shortages of water is some areas.

I think we should all be conservative with all our natural resources; therefore, several people have left aluminum pop cans (bagged) in my trash can next to the garage at my house or some even between the hedge and my house. Scout Troop 241 collects them and redeems them at neighboring cities. Hobart no longer has a collection agency.

Now after I just sprayed a little soapy water on my crepe myrtle and tomato plants, I read in Mature Living that I probably should have left the aphids for the good insects' lunches. Live and learn I guess, but I find I am getting more forgetful. This is frustrating.


Save your aluminum cans, the Boy Scots Troop 241 salvage and sell them. They can be left at the scout hut. My neighbors save them and hang them outside my garage, usually on the side of the city trash container (in plastic bags) then I box them and take them to the scout hut. Don't waste materials and also you will help the scouts.


What we used to call Vo-Tech was changed to WEstern Technology Center and now in the early 2000 session, Governor Keating has changed the name again.

I wonder how many thousands of dollars the cost of that name change will be to you and I, the taxpayers of Oklahoma? Each time you change a name is expensive.

The new name is Career and Technology Education. The functions will be the same. It's a very good technical training school, whatever you call it. My (oldtimers) will probably think and maybe even say Burns Flat Vo-Tech. People learn a trade there and if they finish, have no problem finding employment.


No one filed for our Kiowa County offices last week. That speaks well for those in office. They do a good job and can continue their work without having to brave the heat and utilize their time getting people to vote for them. Congratulations to all of you.


Howard Raskin recently returned from a nice trip to North Carolina. Howard is a good neighbor and always manages to be home and mow our lawn. I guess some places in big cities would mow their half but that has never happened since I moved into Hobart. Howard mows the whole thing.

These townhouses are different from condominiums in other places. Each owns their own just like any home, except we have common walls which are well insulated and I think treated for fire. I can play my TV as loud as I wish and JoAnn or Howard will not hear it in their homes. The backyards are fenced with concrete between the house and garage except for narrow flower beds along the edges.

I just watered my backyard and gave my two tomato plants and the crepe myrtle a sudsy bath as they both have some aphids. I only saw one small grasshopper, which I eliminated and a tiny praying mantis (devil's horse) which is a good insect that eats the bad insects. Hope we have some more of them.

Newt Guthrie, Truett Guthrie and families and Barbara Sue Guthrie enjoyed a visit from Newt's brother, O. V. Guthrie, San Antonio, Texas.


I visited by Aunt Velma Kiehn in the Good Samaritan Home on Randlett Friday afternoon.


A good saying, "Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out."


The Fourth of July is past, but don't forget your patriotism. We will be voting later this year. If you haven't registered, register. If you haven't voted lately, butter check and see if you are still registered. Statistics show that more people over 65 years of age voted in the last national election. Young people, this is your life, so study the people and the issues and be sure you are registered and vote.

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